What You Need to Know

Where can I find out about the most current treatment options?

The first question every new mesothelioma patient asks is, “What are my medical options?” Your treating physician and oncologist are your primary source. Because they personally examine you and order and review all of your medical tests, their treatment recommendations are the most important. If you are uncomfortable with how you are treated, you should do something about it. Discuss your options for alternative doctors with hospital and health insurance plan administrators. Confronting mesothelioma is a traumatic experience for anyone and your treating physician and oncologist should be part of your team. Regardless of your comfort level with your medical team, you should also seek a second opinion. Sometimes mesothelioma (a cancer) is difficult to distinguish from other non-mosthelioma cancers. The treatment options often differ vastly between the two diseases as do their prognoses.

Most mesothelioma patients understand the importance of their personal physicians’ treatment recommendations, but want more information even after they have obtained a second opinion. The following non-attorney sponsored websites offer helpful information on the latest treatment options and innovations:

There is no shortage of information on the web. These are just a few non-attorney sites we find informative. A search for “mesothelioma treatment options” will lead to numerous other informative sites. While these sites are largely disguised law firm websites looking for client leads, some offer relatively current information on mesothelioma. We recommend the sites above because they do not appear to be attached to any desire for financial gain.