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Most business owners today find the need for a contract distracting. They understand the necessity, but have little patience for the time it takes to negotiate terms or the cost of hiring and working with a contract lawyer in San Diego. Positive experiences with current and past clients, vendors and professionals convey trust. Without a history of conflict, business owners come to rely on oral agreements. Yet written contracts are a necessary part of business, and their function is critical. Contracts memorialize agreements between people with the main goal of enforceability, and a well drafted contract by an experienced San Diego contract attorney helps to avoid costly litigation in the future.

At the Law Office of Donald R. Oder, we understand the hesitation business owners have in contacting an attorney. They fear being drawn into a long and costly negotiation process full of inefficiencies and uncertainty, and find the option of a hand shake with another party tempting. Even when presented with the need to enter into a contract, they are tempted to review and negotiate the agreement themselves rather than invest in hiring a contract lawyer in San Diego. More importantly, they are tempted to take short cuts when it comes to analyzing the various contract clauses often simply crossing their fingers where a clause involves technical legal language or is too long and confusing. Crossing ones fingers can have dire consequences. For instance, most commercial leases contain detailed assignment clauses which require landlord approval before a tenant can assign the lease to a third party (an assignment is necessary where a tenant business owner decides to sell his or her business). Tenants will often give these clauses significant attention.  However, in focusing on a potential sale of the business, they miss the fact that bringing on a new partner would be considered an assignment pursuant to the lease terms. Without realizing it, the tenant business owner who brings on a new partner without landlord approval breaches the lease putting the entire business at risk.

San Diego contract lawyer Don Oder is committed to alleviating hesitation and providing clients efficient and affordable representation in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether negotiating a sales agreement, an employment contract or a commercial lease, the lawyer's function should be to simplify the process for the client as much as possible while simultaneously ensuring that the contract will be enforceable and that all of its terms accomplish the client's goals. The client knows what they expect to gain from the contract and what they expect their obligations to be, and it's the attorney's job to ensure that the contract meets those expectations. At the Law Office of Donald R. Oder, we focus on our client’s expectations and business goals when drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts. We work closely with our clients to evaluate the issues most critical to them and to evaluate the parties' relative bargaining positions. Doing so increases attorney efficiencies which ultimately benefits our clients.

At the Law Office of Donald R. Oder, we recognize that a business' “bottom line” is impacted by legal costs and fees, and we are committed to providing our clients affordable legal representation without sacrificing quality and personal service. There is no charge for initial consultations, and once retained our first priority is to obtain results in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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