Practice Areas

At the Law Offices of Donald R. Oder, we provide our clients a full range of business related legal services from contract negotiation to complex litigation. San Diego business lawyer Don Oder has seventeen years experience litigating complex matters, resolving disputes and meeting the transactional needs of his clients.  Our practice is specifically designed to provide businesses with a single source for legal services covering employment matters, contracts, commercial leasing, vendor disputes, corporate matters, partnership disputes and if necessary litigation.  We specialize in providing business owners peace of mind where legal matters are concerned and we do so for a reasonable fee.  The Law Office of Donald R. Oder is determined to keep fees and costs down so that our clients can proactively manage their operations without worrying about the high costs of legal services.  

As the owner of his own business, San Diego business lawyer Don Oder understands the practical concerns his clients routinely face. Legal matters are typically the last thing businesses think about until an issue presents itself. When they do think about legalities, common questions include: Do we really need a contract with each and every vendor?  What are the advantages to our business if we incorporate or form an LLC?  Are we stuck with our current commercial lease or is there a way to terminate it early? What steps should we take to avoid harassment and other labor claims? Will employee training and/or an employee manual help?  Do we need a partnership agreement even though we've done just fine without one for the last five years? Isn't an oral partnership good enough? Unfortunately, because business owners are focused on day-to-day operations, these questions are most often put on the back burner.  It's only upon necessity that they are revisited.  The average business attorney in San Diego knows the answers to these questions but all too often fails to appreciate just how difficult it is for business owners to shift resources. 

At the Law Office of Donald R. Oder, we never forget that our clients are first and foremost concerned about making their business profitable and that legal costs negatively affect profitability. We are acutely aware of each client's practical concerns and endeavor to assist our clients in finding the right balance between pursuit of profits and long term legal protections.  As a practicing business lawyer in San Diego, Don Oder makes these same decisions for our practice on a daily basis.  

Our practice areas include: